Hanuman Chalisa Mantra in English

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Are you interested in knowing the Hanuman Chalisa mantra in English language?Then you have come to the right place.

By reading this article given by me, you will learn about the Shri Hanuman Chalisa Mantra. Also, you can download the Hanuman Chalisa Mantra in English if you want.

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Hanuman Chalisa Mantra in English
Hanuman Chalisa Mantra in English

By reading the article given below, you will know how to learn Hanuman Chalisa in English. What is Hanuman Chalisa in English? Hanuman Chalisa rules in English

Also, you will know the Hanuman Chalisa mantra in English with meaning. So friends, let’s know about Hanuman Chalisa in a simple way.

Hanuman Chalisa Mantra in English With Meaning | Hanuman Chalisa Lyrics in English 

The Hanuman Chalisa Mantra is one of the most sacred and powerful mantras in Hinduism.

If you know the Hanuman Chalisha mantra in English with meaning, then you will know the real purpose of this mantra and its power.

So let us read this Hanuman Chalisa mantra carefully and then discuss more about this mantra.

Hanuman Chalisa Lyrics in English 

॥ Stanza ॥

Shri guru charan saroj raj neej manu mukur sudhari ।

Baranu raghubar bimal jasu jo dayaku phal chari ॥


With dust of your lotus feet let me clean the mirror of my mind

and sing the glory of Lord Rama the one who gives the four achievements of life.

Buddhi heen tanu janike sumero pavan kumar ।

Bal buddhi bidya deu mohi harau kales bikar ॥


Consider me to be naive Lord Hanuman the son of ‘The God of Winds’.

Give me strength, wisdom, knowledge so that I can remove misery and other bad/wrong things from my life

॥ Quatrain ॥

Jai Hanuman gyan gun sagar ।

Jai kapis tihu lok ujagar ॥01॥


All hail Lord Hanuman ‘The Ocean of Wisdom & Virtue’.

All hail Lord Hanuman ‘The Monkey God’ the one who enlightens all three worlds.

Ram doot atulit bal dhama ।

Anjaani-putra pavan sut nama ॥02॥


You are the messenger of Lord Ram with incredible power & strength.

You are the son of Anjaani (mother of Hanuman) and ‘The God of Winds’.

Mahabir bikram Bajrangi ।

Kumati nivar sumati ke sangi ॥03॥


You are the courageous & fearless super hero.

You are the destroyer of evil & the companion/defender of good.

Kanchan baran biraj subesa ।

Kanan kundal kunchit kesa ॥04॥


You are the one having the perfect physique with golden shade & are neatly dressed

wearing earrings and having curly hair.

Hath bajra aur dhvaja biraje ।

Kaandhe munj janeu saje ॥05॥


You hold the thunderbolt and the ‘flag of good’ in your hand

and the sacred thread you wear across your shoulder looks great on you.

Sankar suvan Kesari nandan ।

Tej pratap maha jag bandan ॥06॥


You are the incarnation of Lord Shiva & are the orange colored joy & happiness.

You are loved & respected by the entire world for you good deeds and glory.

Bidyavaan guni ati chatur । Ram kaj karibe ko aatur ॥07॥


You are the most knowledgeable, you are the most ethical with high moral standard & the wisest of all

and are always ready to do Lord Ram’s work.

Prabhu charitra sunibe-ko rasiya ।

Ram Lakhan Sita maan basiya ॥08॥


You enjoy listening to Lord Ram’s life story.

As you always think about Lord Ram, Sita (Ram’s wife) & Laksham (Ram’s younger) they find a place in your heart.

Sukshma roop dhari Siyahi dikhava ।

Bikat roop dhari Lank jarava ॥09॥


You found Sita in Lanka & appeared in front of her in the miniature form of yourself

but then switched to aggressive mode burning down the entire Lanka by yourself.

Bhim roop dhari asur sahare ।

Ramachandra ke kaj savare ॥10॥


You took the form of a powerful gigantic warrior killing all demons

and accomplished the task assigned to you by Lord Rama.

Laye sanjivan Lakhan jiyaye ।

Shri Raghuvir harashi ur laye ॥11॥


You brought the Sanjeevani herb which was very difficult to get & saved the life of Lakshman (Ram’s brother).

Hence, Lord Ram’s heart was filled with joy & happiness.

Raghupati kinhi bahut badhaee ।

Tum mam priye Bharat-hi-sam bhai ॥12॥


Lord Ram praised you a lot for the life saving act

& said that you are equally dearer to him as that of his brother Lakshman.

Sahas badan tumharo jas gaave ।

Asa-kahi Shripati kantha lagave ॥13॥


Your success & glory will be praised & sung by millions of people

and saying so Lord Ram embraced you whole heartedly.

Sankadik brahmadi munisa ।

Narad-sarad sahit ahisa ॥14॥


The sages and the saints, Lord Bramha, Narad Muni,

Saraswati, Sheshnag along with all other gods sing your glory.

Jum Kuber digpaal jaha teh ।

Kabi Kovid kahi sake kahan teh ॥15॥


Yam, Kuber, Digpal

poets and scholars all praise you & sing your glory.

Tum upkar Sugreevahi keenha ।

Ram milaye rajpad deenha ॥16॥


You helped Sugreev (The Monkey King)

by introducing him to Lord Ram which further helped him regain his kingdom.

Tumharo mantra Vibhishan maana ।

Lankeshvar bhaye sab jag jana ॥17॥


Vibhishan (brother of Ravan) followed your advice

& benefited from it as the whole world knows what happened to Lanka thereafter.

(Ravan was defeated & killed by Lord Ram & Lanka was burned down to ashes killing all the demons)

Yug sahastra jojan par bhanu ।

Leelyo tahi madhur phaal janu ॥18॥


Sun which is sixteen thousand miles away from earth

you flew & sallowed him thinking it to be a fruit because of your incredible power.

Prabhu mudrika meli mukh mahi ।

Jaladi langhi gaye achraj nahi ॥19॥


Carrying the ring of Lord Ram in your mouth

no wonder that you crossed the ocean with ease because of your power.

Durgaam kaj jagat ke jete ।

Sugam anugraha tumhre tete ॥20॥


You are the greatest difficult task master

& hence all difficult task become easy by your divine intervention.

Ram duwaare tum rakhvare ।

Hoat na adyna binu paisare ॥21॥


You are the guardian of Lord Ram’s kingdom

& hence no one can enter it without your permission.

Sab sukh lahe tumhari sarna ।

Tum rakshak kahu ko darna ॥22॥


By your blessing I shall enjoy all the happiness in my life.

As you are my protector why should I fear anyone.

Aapan tej samharo aape ।

Teenho lok hank teh kanpe ॥23॥


You are the only one who can control your own power.

When you roar all three worlds shake with fear.

Bhoot pisaach nikat nahin aave ।

Mahabir jab naam sunave ॥24॥


No ghost or evil spirit shall come near me

as I take your name O super brave Lord Hanuman.

Nase rog hare sab peera ।

Japat nirantar Hanumant beera ॥25॥


All diseases & pains are destroyed & eradicated

as one keeps on chanting your name continuously.

Sankat se Hanuman chudave ।

Man karam bachan dyan jo lave ॥26॥


Lord Hanuman you rescue anyone from difficult situation

when the person meditates & invokes your name whole heartedly.

Sab par Ram tapasvee raja ।

Teen ke kaj sakal tum saja ॥27॥


Though Lord Ram who is hailed as the king/master of all devotees in penances

yet you are the one who is Lord Ram’s care taker.

Aur manorath jo koi lave ।

Soee amit jeevan phal pave ॥28॥


Anyone who comes to you with a request to fulfill his wish or desire

it is always fulfilled by you in the best possible way (given the fruit of life).

Charo yug partap tumhara । Hoee parasiddha jagat ujiyara ॥29॥


Your glory is praised in all four ages & you are well known across the world.

Sadhu sant ke tum rakhware ।

Asur nikanandan Ram dulare ॥30॥


You are the saviour & guardian of all sages & saints.

You are the destroyer of demons & the dearest one of Lord Ram.

Ashta-sidhi nav nidhi ke daata ।

Asabar deen Janki mata ॥31॥


You are the giver of eight supernatural powers & nine types of devotions.

You can do so as you were blessed by your mother Janaki with it.

Ram rasayan tumhare pasa ।

Sada raho Raghupati ke dasa ॥32॥


You have the ‘essence of devotion’ for Lord Ram.

May you always serve Lord Ram.

Tumhare bhajan Ram ko paave ।

Janam-janam ke dukh bisrave ॥33॥


Devotion to you reaches Lord Ram OR is as good as devotion to Lord Ram.

It makes one forget or frees him from sorrows & pains for all his lives.

Anth-kaal Raghubar pur jaee ।

Jaha janma Hari-bhakht kahaee ॥34॥


After dying one goes to the eternal humble home of Lord Ram.

& is reborn as earth a devotee of Lord.

Aur devta chitta na dharaee ।

Hanumanth se he sarba sukh karaee ॥35॥


I am not worshiping any other god

as I believe that worshiping you itself will give me all the happiness I need.

Sankat kate-mite sab peera ।

Jo sumire Hanumat balbeera ॥36॥


All the suffering are destroyed & pains are removes

if one remembers or invokes or worships Lord Hanuman.

Jai Jai Jai Hanuman gosaee ।

Krupa karahu gurudev ki naee ॥37॥


All hail Lord Hanuman.

Please bless me & be my guru.

Jo sath baar paath kar koi ।

Chuthee bandhi maha sukh hoee ॥38॥


Anyone who recites Hanuman Chalisa hundred times

will be free from all negative shackles of life & will be happy ever after.

Jo yaha padhe Hanuman Chalisa ।

Hoye Siddhi Sakhi Gaurisa ॥39॥


The one who recites Hanuman Chalisa

will be blessed with positive spiritual powers as promised by Lord Shiva.

Tulsidas sada Hari chera ।

Keeje nath hridaye maha dera ॥40॥


Tulsidas who always wants to be the servant of Lord prays

& asks him to stay in his heart forever.

॥ Stanza ॥

Pavan tanay sankat harana mangal murti roop ।

Ram Lakhan Sita sahit hriday basau sur bhuup ॥


Lord Hanuman the son of the ‘The God of Winds’, the destroyer of all difficulties, the one who is auspicious.

You along with Lord Ram, Laksham & Sita stay in my heart forever.

॥ Hail the Lord ॥

Bol Bajarangabali ki jai ।

Pavan putra Hanuman ki hai ॥

Jai Shri Ram ।


Say, All Hail Hanuman.

All Hail the son of ‘The God of Winds’.

All Hail Shri Ram

What is Hanuman Chalisa in English 

There are total 40 verses in this Hanuman Chalisa Mantra in English.

Each verse is written about Hanuman Ji’s life story and his virtues. It is called Chalisha as it consists of 40 verses.

Hanuman Chalisa Mantra in English
Hanuman Chalisa Mantra in English

Sri Tulsi Das wrote this Hanuman Chalisha in Awadi language in his book Ramacharit Manas Kavya.

On various occasions of Hanuman Ji and on Hanuman Jayanti, devotees recite this chalisha or song to fulfill their heart’s desires and wishes.

Let’s know the rules of Hanuman Chalisa and its benefits about

Hanuman Chalisa Rules in English 

Anyone can recite Hanuman Chalisa Mantra in English but there are some special rules of recitation, following these rules we can get full results.

The easiest way to please Hanumanji is to recite Hanuman Chalisa Mantra in the morning.

You can recite it daily, if you don’t have time then recite it on Tuesday also and Saturn people should recite it on Saturday also.

Below are important rules for reciting Hanuman Chalisa Mantra in English.

  • The correct time to read Hanuman Chalisa is before sunrise i.e. Brahmamuhurta between four and five in the morning before sunrise. Reading at this time gives suitable results or benefits.
  • Recitation of Sri Hanuman Chalisa Mantra at any time of the day gives results but if you can recite at this brahma moment i.e. before sunrise then everything is calm during this time so your mind is connected.
  • While reciting shri hanuman chalisa mantra in english, you should sit in a good place and clean the place well before sitting. Hanuman Chalisa should be recited facing north or east.
  • You can recite Hanuman Chalisa in your pooja room. Don’t forget to recite Hanuman Chalisa every time after bath.
  • You can do it in the morning and in the evening but every time you recite it, you have to take a bath. After sanctification, wear clean clothes, but many recite Hanuman Chalisa with a towel which is completely wrong.
  • Hanuman Chalisa mantra should be recited while sitting on red colored seat in front of Hanumanji idol wearing red colored dhoti.  
  • While reciting Hanuman Chalisa, recite Hanuman Chalisa clearly with understanding its meaning.
  • Remember that the slower you recite the Hanuman Chalisa in your mind, the sooner your connection with your mind will be complete.
  • Do not recite Hanuman Chalisa in haste. On this day eat vegetarian food, sleep on the floor, do not touch fish, meat, eggs, onions, garlic and do not drink alcohol.
  • Once you recite Hanuman Chalisa you will do it regularly for 21 weeks. Do not be in doubt while reciting this Chalisa. Do not talk to anyone else until the lesson is over.

Hanuman Chalisa Benifits in English 

Hanumanji is the only awakened deity of our Kali Yuga. By the grace of Hanumanji, all troubles and dangers are removed very easily.

If you want to get the blessings of Hanumanji, then by reciting Hanuman Chalisa daily you will easily get Hanuman.

If you can recite hanuman sathika in english along with reciting hanuman chalisa mantra in english daily then you will get many benefits in life. Below are the benefits.

  • The first benefit of reciting Hanuman Chalisa is that Hanuman Chalisa reduces the effects of Shaniji. There is no alternative to reciting Hanuman Chalisa to avoid Shani Dev’s evil eye.
  • The second benefit is that Hanuman Chalisa drives away evil spirits. If you feel that your life is influenced by a ghost, then there is no alternative to reading Hanuman Chalisa.
  • The third gain isthe ability to apologise for one’s actions. Many of us commit sins, knowingly or unknowingly. According to Hindu scriptures, we are trapped in the cycle of birth and death due to sin.
  • Reciting this Hanuman Chalisa one hundred times will release all his bonds and bring immense happiness into his life. That is, the obstacles in his life will be removed very easily, and success will be found very easily in any work.
  • It is believed that if one recites these 40 chaupais of Hanuman Chalisa attentively, all his obstacles will be removed and his mind will soon be filled with all positive aspects.
  • The daily recitation of the Hanuman Chalisa mantra in English will improve your business very fast. If you are a businessman, you should recite Hanuman Chalisa at least once daily.
  • Hanuman Chalisa should be recited to get rid of any bad experience in life. Apart from these benefits, Hanuman Chalisa has many other benefits that are not possible to describe in this article.

Follow the rules of reciting Hanuman Chalisa at least once in the morning.

You can recite Hanuman Chalisa by downloading the Hanuman Chalisa Mantra pdf in English from this article.

Download Shri Hanuman Chalisa Mantra in English PDF

Friends, if you want to download this Hanuman Chalisa mantra in pdf format, then you can get many benefits.

For example, if you download it in pdf format, it will always be saved on your device .

so that you can read it whenever you want, share it with others, and carry it everywhere. 

Hanuman Chalisa Mantra in English
Hanuman Chalisa Mantra in English


1. When should Hanuman Chalisa be recited?

There is no time limit for reciting Hanuman Chalisa. You can recite Hanuman Chalisa whenever you want. But, you cannot recite Hanuman Chalisa wearing dirty clothes, bathing or eating alcoholic non-vegetarian food.

2. How long does it take to read Hanuman Chalisa 100 times?

It is almost impossible for a common man to recite Hanuman Chalisa 100 times. But if you have deep faith in Hanumanji, then you can recite Hanuman Chalisa 100 times in 7-21 days.


So guys, how did you feel reading this article, “Hanuman Chalisa Mantra in English“??? 

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